• How to Create a Group on Facebook with few easy steps

    We wrote on how to create a Facebook Profile. Today we will show you step by step about how to Create a Group on Facebook. You may use two facebook accounts, one for personal use and the other for business purposes. First go to your Facebook and sign in with your Email & Password. Now … Read more
  • How to create a Gmail Account with few easy steps

    Gmail is a one of the biggest E-mail service provider proving service form 1st April 2004 offering 1 GB inbox space for per account holder. Now, I will show you, how to create a gmail account easily. Creating a Gmail Account is very easy and you have to follow step by step direction. First Go … Read more
  • How to Use Multiple Facebook Accounts on Android devices

    Facebook is the king of all the social media apps, nothing can beat its popularity and functionalities. Not even Google Plus couldn’t beat facebook, which was a failed project and was discontinued in April, 2019. Over billion active users use the facebook app monthly and facebook is not only for photo sharing but also to … Read more

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