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College Algebra, First Edition will appeal to those who want to give important topics more in-depth, higher-level coverage. This text offers streamlined approach accompanied with accessible definitions across all chapters to allow for an easy-to-understand read. College Algebra contains prose that is precise, accurate, and easy to read, with straightforward definitions of even the topics that are typically most difficult for students.


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Sheldon Axler is well-known within the mathematics community. He has an Ivy League education, having received his AB in mathematics from Princeton in 1971, and his PhD in mathematics from UC Berkeley in 1975. Currently, Sheldon is the Dean of the College of Science and Engineering at SFSU. Previously, he held teaching positions at Michigan State, UC Berkeley, Indiana University, and MIT. He has received numerous grants, awards, and fellowships throughout his career. He regularly speaks at conferences and conventions and has done extensive writing in his discipline. Notably, he is the author of a successful textbook for the second course in linear Algebra, published with Springer and has held several editorial positions for mathematics journals and is currently a series editor for Springer.
As the author for Wiley’s Precalculus: A Prelude to Calculus, Sheldon has shown himself an able and willing promoter of his title, garnering the interest of his colleagues nationwide and proving himself a valuable and responsive resource for our sales force.


Solutions Manual of College Algebra by Axler | 1st edition ISBN 9780470470763

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