How to create a Gmail Account with few easy steps

Gmail is a one of the biggest E-mail service provider proving service form 1st April 2004 offering 1 GB inbox space for per account holder. Now, I will show you, how to create a gmail account easily. Creating a Gmail Account is very easy and you have to follow step by step direction.

  • First Go to and Click the blue marked Create Account section and the registration page will show after.
How to create a Gmail Account
  • After Clicking on signup section, a registration form will be shown having title Create your Google Account.

Create your Google Account

1. Name: Here In the Name Field you have to provide your first name and last name. Like if your name is John Clark, then John is to be consider as first name and Clark as last name.

2. User ID: Now You have to choose a Nice User ID matching your name.  If your name is John Clark then you may use “[email protected]” as your user id. But it’s difficult to get such user id. One can only use one user id. If you choose a user id, then nobody can be create any time with the same user id. But if you see that, your chosen  id have already been taken by any other then you may use any number with your id like “[email protected]”.

3. Creating Password: Password is the key to your email address and need to enter password each time when you will “Log in” in your email address. Gmail account needed 8 character password. Somebody use alphabet, somebody use numbers. But Password become more strong if you use both of them like “mike12345″. If you use these [%*^] in the password section then it will be more effective that nobody can hack your password easily.

4. Verify your phone number if you’re asked to do so.

5. Enter your mobile number and an email address of yours. In case of account recovery, google use this information.

6. Enter Date of Birth and select gender and click next.

7. Read the Privacy and Terms and click Agree to continue.

8. You’ll be take to your my account page and then you can browse to your gmail account you just created.