How to Use Multiple Facebook Accounts on Android devices

Facebook is the king of all the social media apps, nothing can beat its popularity and functionalities. Not even Google Plus couldn’t beat facebook, which was a failed project and was discontinued in April, 2019. Over billion active users use the facebook app monthly and facebook is not only for photo sharing but also to communicate with groups or individuals, and as a business platform.
Having multiple facebook accounts is important for those who maintain a separate business account and a personal account. However, facebook do not allow you to have multiple accounts on a single android device. It is time consuming to login and out from different devices when needed.
Still there are ways to bypass this restriction, using these tricks you don’t have to deal with login back and forth.

Apps to Run Multiple facebook accounts in one android phone

Parallel Space

Parallel Space support not only facebook but other social media accounts as well. It’s like a separate app space. Parallel Space stores user cache separately from the main account. So that you can login to both accounts simultaneously, it hides the app from the device using the incognito feature.

How to use two facebook accounts using Parallel Space on android is simple.

  1. Open Google Play and install Parallel Space.
  2. Open Parallel Space and tap on facebook and login to your second facebook account.
  3. You can easily add as many apps as you want.

2Accounts: Multi User Switch

Just like the previous app, this allow you to use two facebook accounts on one android device. There will be no storage conflicts between the two accounts. There are more features such as two different game modes and security lock to protect your privacy.

In order to run multiple facebook accounts on your android device using this app,

  1. Browse the google play store and install 2Accounts: Muti User Switch
  2. Open the application and mark the check box for facebook.
  3. Enable virtually clone the app.
  4. To use another facebook account, go to the main screen and tap the facebook icon.
  5. Enjoy your second account by logging in!
    This app supports various social media applications such as Instagram, WhatsApp etc.