Solutions Manual of Calculus Early Transcendentals by Rogawski & Adams | 4th edition


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One of the most successful calculus books of its generation, Jon Rogawski’s Calculus balances formal precision with conceptual focus.
Full of useful features, it helps students build computational skills while reinforcing the relevance of calculus to their studies. When writing the book, the author team strove to ensure it’s clearly written, can be read by a calculus student and would motivate them to engage in the material and learn more. The textbook uses exposition, graphics, and layout would to enhance all facets of a student’s calculus experience.
Bob Franzosa joins the author team for this new 4th edition, bringing deep experience and knowledge of teaching calculus at undergraduate level. Extra applications have been added in climate, life and earth sciences to better bring the maths to life.

About the Author

Jon Rogawski received his undergraduate and master’s degrees in mathematics simultaneously from Yale University, and he earned his PhD in mathematics from Princeton University, where he studied under Robert Langlands. Before joining the Department of Mathematics at UCLA in 1986, where he was a full professor, he held teaching and visiting positions at the Institute for Advanced Study, the University of Bonn, and the University of Paris at Jussieu and Orsay. Jon’s areas of interest were number theory, automorphic forms, and harmonic analysis on semisimple groups. He published numerous research articles in leading mathematics journals, including the research monograph Automorphic Representations of Unitary Groups in Three Variables (Princeton University Press). He was the recipient of a Sloan Fellowship and an editor of the Pacific Journal of Mathematics and the Transactions of the AMS. As a successful teacher for more than 30 years, Jon Rogawski listened and learned much from his own students. These valuable lessons made an impact on his thinking, his writing, and his shaping of a calculus text. Sadly, Jon Rogawski passed away in September 2011. Jon’s commitment to presenting the beauty of calculus and the important role it plays in students’ understanding of the wider world is the legacy that lives on in each new edition of Calculus.

Colin Adams is the Thomas T. Read professor of Mathematics at Williams College, where he has taught since 1985. Colin received his undergraduate degree from MIT and his PhD from the University of Wisconsin. His research is in the area of knot theory and low-dimensional topology. He has held various grants to support his research, and written numerous research articles. Colin is the author or co-author of The Knot Book, How to Ace Calculus: The Streetwise Guide, How to Ace the Rest of Calculus: The Streetwise Guide, Riot at the Calc Exam and Other Mathematically Bent Stories, Why Knot?, Introduction to Topology: Pure and Applied, and Zombies & Calculus. He co-wrote and appears in the videos “The Great Pi vs. E Debate” and “Derivative vs. Integral: the Final Smackdown.” He is a recipient of the Haimo National Distinguished Teaching Award from the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) in 1998, an MAA Polya Lecturer for 1998-2000, a Sigma Xi Distinguished Lecturer for 2000-2002, and the recipient of the Robert Foster Cherry Teaching Award in 2003. Colin has two children and one slightly crazy dog, who is great at providing the entertainment.

Solutions Manual of Calculus Early Transcendentals by Rogawski & Adams | 4th edition ISBN 9781319254421

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